ben shaw portfolio

Here is my Media website

My FMP Documentary film of SLR

also do today / next week maybe 24/05/13 deadline

 1. uploads videos to my blog and website and edict them 

2. put videos on imovie and make it into a mini clip documentary of SLR

3. start evaluation

4. finish evaluation

i’m responsible for all of these things 


1. Book equipment for interviewing the SLR therapists. 2. Put videos on blog and website on the FMP page 3. Edict it

next week /the week after next week

1. do the last filming of the SLR theripst and edict before it goes on my blog and website. 

2. then put all the interviews i done into imovie and put them in order to make a mini clip documentary or film of SLR,

3. make sure every thing is done 

4. start evulation 

5. finish FMP.

10/05/13/ next week or today

1. book a DSLR camrea, a lead, a trypod/ video, Soft Box/ (dont book)

2.  upload videos on to my blog (that means the filming  i done last week)

3. put all videos of imovie and put them in order and make sure that it looks like a mini clip of SLR.

4. make sure that i have someone with me to do the filming because ms hineman wont be in the lesson or dont do filming until next week.

5. make sure that the videos i filmed  last lesson  is on my blog and website.

6. edict filming

7. put on blog

8. i wont book any euipment because ms hineman will not be in the lesson becasue she is not in or in another lesson also ms hineman knows who i have to interview because she has a list who we needto interview thats why i am not booking any euipment for fridays lesson that also means that me and liam will not have a helper to help us to finish the FMP. evan we got 3 weeks to get it all done by the 24th of may ( which it will be differcult because thats not a lot of time to finish my FMP because all my filming ain’t done yet and also laim is nearly on the FMP evulation). 

9. make the mini clip documentary or film of SLR in Imovie ( get andrew or Mr Nicholls to help).

10. put this information on my calender on google docs  and update it for my bog and website. Put the videos i put on youtube on to my blog or website. 

short term target/ Today Targets 3/05/13

1. ten minutes tutorial on using a DSLR

2. film theripst interview 

3. HOD interview 

4. film LSA interview 

a to do list for 3/05/13

1. book equipment  for Friday lesson

things to do by the 24th of may 2013

1. reshoot all video using DLSR 

. ms sobzack,julia,year11,students working,some helpers

2. put it on imovie then put it on my FMP

im responsible for all of thease jobs 

3. evaulation 

what i need to do today/ a to do list

1. book eqipment for next lesson because ms Hineman ain’t in today because she is in another lesson.

2. check my unit 21 page on my weebly make sure its up to date

3. update  my calendar make sure that i add about next lesson and the lesson after that. ( Done)

4. make sure that video i recorded with the DSLR camrea last friday is on my unit 21 page and my production blog and youtube.

5. I might need to book the eqqimpent  two times because i can’t  find that video on iphoto  or on my area on this computer or wait until next lesson to sort it out with ms hineman

6. Also i might need to film ms sowe again or because i am not using the same computer as last lesson because for some reason it is  still loading  to come on so thats why i changed my computer maybe thats why it an’t showing up in my area when it should be showing up. 

7. Also i need to book a camera , a lead , soft box and  a tripod

8. might need to write the interview questions again for the helpers of SLR or might need to write the interview questions again for the helpers of SLR  and i might need to write all the interview  questions because its really differcult  because the questions are on google docs and sometimes the internet don’t work or the computer will not work. ( this will take time to get it done)

9. im respossible for all of this FMP however  ms hineman is helping me to get this filming done but she is in another lesson which she should be here its not long until the deadline but also i need to do the evaluation  which will take an hour to do also i will use the same laptop as last lesson which was 25,26 or laptop 24 and hopefully that video is on one of thease computers. 

Some of thease things i have to do next lesson or todays lessons and the lesson after next wednesday which is next friday. looks like it an’t on any of the computers.